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A world where living, working, and exploring in space will be as familiar to humanity as life on our home planet.


We apply the unique perspective of our astronaut / cosmonaut members to promote the global benefits of space science, exploration and international cooperation; to educate and inspire future generations; and to foster better stewardship of our home planet.

Upcoming Events...

XXXIV Planetary Congress
September 25-29, 2023
Bursa, Turkey


US Astronaut Reunion
December 8-10, 2022
Houston, TX

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ASE XXXIV Planetary Congress to be held September 25-29, 2023 in Bursa, Turkey


Welcome Aboard!

ASE welcomes Frank Rubio as a new member of the Association!

ASE welcomes Nicole Mann as a new member of the Association!

ASE welcomes Hayley Arceneaux  as a new member of the Association!

ASE welcomes Eytan Stibbe as a new member of the Association!

ASE welcomes Sian Proctor as a new Life Member of the Association!

Welcome aboard to our newest ASE members!

Nicole Mann

Frank Rubio

Hayley Arceneaux

Eytan Stibbe

Sian Proctor

Larry Connor

Mark Pathy

Jessica Meir

Jessica Watkins

Bob "Farmer" Hines

Thank you to our most recent ASE Contributors!

Dave Williams
Rick & Jeannie Hieb
Pam Melroy & Doug Hollett
Rusty Schweickart & Nancy Ramsey
Jim & Mary Newman
Bill & Colleen Readdy
Mark Pathy
Chris & Helene Hadfield
Sian Proctor
Larry Connor
Peter & Rita Kanger
Tony & Janeen Antonelli
Tom Griewald
Susan Bruce & Rick Hauck
Mike & Donna Mullane

Mrs. Vicki Nagtegaal–Langley
for her very generous contributions to and support for ASE's Committee on Space Traffic Management / Orbital Debris!


We're literally trying to save the world, and we could use your help!
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